• 1

    Initial discussion

    ‣  Commitment free initial 30 minute phone or Skype

  • 2


    ‣  Contract Signed & Initial payment made
    ‣  Information Gathering
    ‣  Determine Purpose & Goals
    ‣  Define Target Audience
    ‣  Curate Content
    ‣  Decide on Graphic Style

  • 3

    Strategy and Planning

    ‣  Evaluate and describe online strategy
    ‣  Decide on which CMS to use for client to add content to the site
    ‣  Technology discussed and features decided on
    ‣  Sitemap drawn
    ‣  Timeline for completion determined

  • 4


    ‣  Domain name and hosting decided on and activated
    ‣  Client provides all final content needed (images, text, etc)
    ‣  Site built by Singularity
    ‣  Client review
    ‣  Second iteration of site
    ‣  Second client review

  • 5


    ‣  Mobile format tested
    ‣  Functions tested
    ‣  Final payment
    ‣  Site published

  • 6

    Payment and Handover

    ‣  Final Payment Made
    ‣  Site handed over to client
    ‣  CMS Use tutorial conducted

We aim to put you in the driving seat – our sites need absolutely minimal maintenence.

However if you wish for further changes to the site after publishing, we are more than happy to accommodate you – sometimes the best sites can only be created by a gradual improvement. In this case further work after the last phase is simply charged separately on an hourly basis.